Sunday, December 30, 2007

70th Surprise Birthday Party - Seekonk, MA

Today I drew at Frank's 70th birthday bash at
the Johnson & Wales Inn. I drew close to 50 people,
as did my caricaturist friend, J4, who I contracted
to work along with me. We were caricaturing machines!

It was a huge hit. We drew non-stop for 3 hours.
Everyone loved it. Lots of laughter...people showing
off their drawings to each other...

It was a big Italian family event. I drew teeny babies
and a set of 90 year old sisters with big white bouffant
hairdo's! (Neither of them had ever been drawn before!)

I was in the zone the whole time. That's a
good thing - it means I'm focused and having fun
capturing good likenesses.

The majority of the crowd was over age 55,
so every face had character (okay, wrinkles) which
always makes caricaturing a pleasure! We received
lots of compliments for our work and lots of people
took my card and kept saying, "This is a great idea!"

Special thanks to Maria for inviting us to draw
at her dad's party! We had fun!

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