Saturday, December 8, 2007

12/8 - company holiday party- RI

Sometimes I'll be at a party and a guy who looks
like this dude will approach my table. That's
when I sort of inwardly pump my fist and go "Yes!"

He's what we in the caricature biz call a
"caricaturist's dream". He's got strong features
that my eyes can easily lock onto. The large nose,
the dark, sunken eyes, the five o'clock shadow,
the spikey black hair. By God, it's all there.
Plus, he was really tall, so I played that up by
drawing him 'higher' than her.

In the drawing she's saying, "How's the weather up
there?", to which he responds, "Grmff".

Not sure why I wrote that. Seemed like
something he might say.