Monday, September 8, 2008

Hired by companies! (Masterman's & Google)

This family cracked me up - they were making fun of each other the entire time I drew them. The matriarch - "Mom" - (red shirt) was non-stop with the wisecracks. Hilarious!

It's always fun to draw a grandfather with his grandkids. Especially when grandpa's name is "Bumpa".

Sometimes a company hires me to come in and draw the entire staff on one big board, which they later frame and hang in the lobby. It goes like this: I show up, they put me in a conference room, and one by one each employee walks in, poses for about 7 minutes, then gets back to work! (This particular drawing is of the Google staff in Cambridge, MA. I made the drawing on a thick piece of 100% rag drawing paper. I pencil in each face first, since it's a group shot. Then I ink it with an archival ink brush pen, and for color I use Prismacolor Art Sticks. Wala!)


Anonymous said...

Dear Mark I was just looking at the Masterman party, you drew Us and it was my mother who was really happy that we had it done. ,but also we had fun sitting and laughing.She bragged to my whole family when we got home. Thank you for that great memory as we lost Mom on January 1st I hope someone like you is up there with her ,she has a motto ( Keep Laughing)Hope to see you again at the company picnic Debbie

MP said...

Dear Debbie,

I'm sorry to hear about your Mother passing and I'm honored that I had a chance to draw her and your family. Your note made my night - thank you! Drawing caricatures has always been a blessing for me, especially when I can draw family members together...because as silly as they are, a lot of people cherish them for a lifetime. All the best!